Walmart Headquarters Address, Office Locations and Corporate Office Phone Number

Walmart is a very large American retail company, headquartered in Bentonville, AR, United States of America. You can buy products online from official website as well as from their retail mall. You can buy various products such as gadgets, grocery, home decor, appliances, storage devices, bedding, bath, and much more. They offer good discounts when you use specific credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, or saving discounts. Please find more information on your bank website or Walmart website. is one of the most visited shopping websites over the Internet in the US. Walmart shopping malls and outlets are much popular among the shoppers in the US. Please find out headquarters contact details of Walmart including corporate office phone number, office locations, and more.

Walmart Headquarters
Walmart Headquarters

Walmart Corporate Headquarters Contact Details

Wal-Mart is a world famous retail company, headquartered in Bentonville, AR, United States of America. You can get in touch with company’s headquarters. Please note down Walmart Headquarters Address: 702 S.W. Eighth Street, Bentonville, AR 72716, United States of America. You can send your query and issue to this head office address. If you are planning to visit corporate headquarters of Wal-Mart, please take prior appointment on telephone or through the mail.

Do you have any query or question and wanted to talk on telephone? Then please note down Walmart Corporate Office Phone Number: 1-479-273-4000. We strongly suggest you to call during working hours only. Please note that this is not a customer care phone number.

Walmart Customer Care Number for Feedback

Do you have experience with Walmart which you wanted to share with the company? Then please note down Walmart Customer Care Number for Feedback: 1-800-925-6278 (1-800-WALMART). This number can be used to share your experience about local store.

Walmart Ethics Phone Number and Email Address

Do you have any issue related to the ethics of Wal-Mart? If yes, then please note down Walmart Ethics Phone Number: 1-800-963-8442. You can also send your information to Wal-Mart Ethics Team on Email, here is their email address: You can also dial this number 1-800-WM-ETHIC for helpline related to ETHICS.

Please consider checking out this article for further Walmart headquarters information.

Walmart CEO Email Address

Do you have a question or concern which is not solved by the customer support team at Wal-Mart? If yes, then please get in touch with the CEO of the company. Please send your query through an email, here is his email address: (Mr. Doug McMillon).

Social Media Presence

Walmart is a world famous company and have millions of customers throughout the US. To interact with customers on social media platforms, they are available on various social media platforms, URLs are given here: Facebook Page, Instagram Profile, Twitter Account / Handle, and YouTube Channel. You can follow them, like their page, or subscribe to their channel for latest updates and news.

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11 thoughts on “Walmart Headquarters Address, Office Locations and Corporate Office Phone Number”

  1. I just wish that walmart employees woul wear their mask on their mouth and nose instead of under their chin especially the ones handling the food where they prepare the meals in mobile Alabama. I will not buy the food because they’re talking over the food with mask under chin while preparing plate dinners

  2. I wish Walmart in Tifton, Georgia would get them motorized wheelchair carts repaired that has been torn up for months or even years, but 9 out of 10 times to visit the store the motorized wheelchair carts are dead, in need of repair and non available !

  3. Phillip Collins

    I have been calling for months for one issue and for the past week I can no longer place an order. Placing an order is now the most important issue. Since 5/9@10:32AM I started placing my weekly grocery order and right away the order is cancelled. I have tried 15 plus times, spoke to many different persons including a “supervisor”, called the bank (NO Issues with the CC ). I can buy gas at Costco, purchase at other stores, yet not at Walmart. I have been buying from Walmart for years. A week or so ago the IT department made a change or changes to the systems and created the issue.
    My other issue is all of a sudden, I could no longer purchase items that I had been. Finally a delivery person said well if you want those items you need to have the delivery come from the Super Store because they geolocate you address. Well, I found that I am a few hundred yards closer to the Neighborhood Market (Much smaller store) than to the Superstore and in their wisdom decided that my items must come from the Market. I am now ready to give up on Walmart. I guess they just do not care, I cannot seem to get anywhere. Other places are more expensive, same distance, but if I can not place a simple order, then its really not worth my time or effort.

  4. luann whittington

    I recently shopped wal-mart store in cumberland Md,and when I gave them my credit card I was ask for my birthday I have never been ask this.i would like an explanation. Loom

  5. rebecca withrow

    I called a local walmart in wrst yakima, wa. At 4pm to ask if they had it on the shelf before i got in my car and drove 15 miles. The clerk who answrred the call and transferred me to the paint deot. No one ever answered. After a half listening to music i hung up and called back. The same clerk told me to be patient and call back later, and hung up i mmediately called back at 5:15 and ask to speak with the store manager, the same clerk put me on hold. I listenef to music until 6:36, until another employee picked up the line. 8 told her what i wanted and she finally got the manager omar on the phone. I ssk if he was aware i had been waiting to talk to him s8nce 5:15 he said he was on lunch. Ithen ask if it was too much trouble for someone to let me know, he agreed someone should not have left me on hold for Hours. Very impolite on the clerks behalf to keep putting me on hold. If i had not bought the paint there and needed an additional gallon. I wouldn,t have wasted 2 hours and 36 mins. To be treated rudely and put off. Never the less I won,t be sjopping at walmart.

  6. Laurie Yurovchak

    I just left my local Walmart in Coventry, RI.
    I have shopped there since they opened their doors. I will NOT be going back. For the past year every week, they have only 2 registers open. They have installed the self checkout and since then they insist you use them. I refuse to self checkout, it is NOT my job. I will not take away some kids job by checking myself out.
    They have plenty of staff walking around the store to staff the registers. I am not the only one complaining about this. Listen to your customers, you are loosing customers by trying to force us to use self checkout, ill see you at market basket.

  7. Barry Lamar Ford

    I’ve been waiting for my return to be refunded for a month now and I have been getting the runaround from all Walmart employees. They are highly trained at screwing people out of there money and refusing to give back money for your return and pushing you off to another department until you get so mad that you finally give up. Well I won’t give up because it’s my money and I need it now because of covid and loosing my job. I will find a lawyer to recover my money and I will be getting compensation for the runaround and making my blood pressure go up so high that I almost have a heart attack.

  8. Barry Lamar Ford

    I’m so tired of the runaround instead of getting back what belongs to me, all I asked was the refund since I couldn’t go on my camping trip because of the rain, I want to get my refund back for the refund of the camping gear I returned now I am so mad that I am practically going to have a heart attack because they are so highly trained for fucking people out of their money and giving people who are good customers the runaround and making things hard and keeping the refund to earn more interest for the CEO.

  9. As a Walmart previous associates.
    I was not terminated.
    I want to go to work at Sam’s Club
    I’m am the only soul provider for my family.
    How can I get completely out of their system. Sam’s club is ready to hire me
    Please help!!!

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