Dollar General Headquarters Address, IR Contacts, CEO Email, and More

Dollar General is a popular chain of variety stores in United States. The headquarters of Dollar General are established in Goodlettsville, Tennessee. The company was founded in the year 1939 and has currently about 16,278 stores in United States. The company is listed with NYSE under stock name DG and also is a part of S&P 500 Component.

If you are planning to buy apparel, home decor, kid’s toys, health & beauty aids, cleaning supplies, pet supplies, toys, grocery or seasonal products, you can visit Dollar General Store close to your location to get discounted prices and deals. Furthermore in this article, we have provided Dollar General Headquarters Contact Information like address, phone number, customer support contacts, media relations info and more. So, let’s get to the details listed here!

Dollar General Headquarters
Dollar General Headquarters | Photo Credit: Dollar General

Dollar General Headquarters Address and Phone Number

You may get in touch with Dollar General Headquarters Staff by sending your mails at Dollar General Headquarters Address mentioned here: Dollar General Corporation 100 Mission Ridge Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37072.

To contact Dollar General Headquarters staff on phone, please use the given details of Dollar General Headquarters Phone Number:  (615) 855-4000.

Customer Support Phone Numbers

If you have a query or complaint to register, you may get in touch with Dollar General Customer Support Representative. Please dial: 877-463-1553 or dial: 1-800-678-9258 to speak to customer support team. You can also send them your complaint or concern by email. Please note down the Dollar General Customer Support Email:

Media Contact Information

Media People can get in touch with Dollar General Media Relations team by email or phone. To write to Dollar General Media Relations, you can use the given email: To speak to Dollar General Media Relations Team, please dial: 1-877-944-3477.

Dollar General HR Phone Number / Careers

If you are an employee or looking for career in Dollar General, we have provided Dollar General HR Phone Number / Careers Information here for your use. You can visit: (for updated opportunities listing).

To speak to HR team, please call at: 1-888-877-9374 or Call at: 1-855-ASK-DGHR (275-3447).

CEO Email Address

The company is under fine leadership of its Chief Executive Officer Todd Vasos. To share your concern or suggestion with CEO Todd J. Vasos, please share it by email. Here is the Chief Executive Officer Email Address: Please note that as CEO of the company he receives several emails in a day, so we suggest you to share only mails of high priority or urgent nature ion this email.

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9 thoughts on “Dollar General Headquarters Address, IR Contacts, CEO Email, and More”

  1. To Whom This May Concern.
    The building of the new Dollar Store in Ullin, Illinois. Is very concerning to many of us. Where you are putting the building floods. The water will be in the store and surrounding homes. If the contractors build the store up on a mound it’s gonna flood the surrounding homes! We need the Dollar Store but in a different area!

  2. Hello,

    My name is Rachelle Otero. I am the Assistant Principal at Smyth Road Elementary School in Manchester, New Hampshire. As a frequent shopper at the Dollar General, I was hoping you could help my school. We are looking for donations of bubbles, side walk chalk, hacky sacks and jump ropes or balls. We are looking for this for our students to use during recess. This past year, has been tough on the students and we are limited as to what they can play with. I thought these items would be perfect for our Elementary students. I look forward to hearing back from you. Thank you in advanced for your anticipated support!
    Rachelle Otero

  3. I currently work at store 1951 in greenville tx 75401. I’m trying to report the manager there I got a transfer to this store about a year ago and day one there been problems for instance the store manager only works when she wonts to even tho she is scheduled to work she is never really there. There will be only one person in the store hours at a time while she is out and about untill the next person is scheduled to come in. They have both workers working the back part of the store while customers are walking out with product I have tried to report this to the general manager but he won’t do anything about this he think I’m bringing bad vibes to the store I’ve worked for dg for almost nine years and this store could be handled much better if they had a manager that is devoted to the job not going home for the rest of the day while she suppose to go to work and that’s not all .I really have alot more to complain about if only I can get one of the general manager to listen to me instead of telling me I’m talking dum of childish yes the general manager told me this. I really hope to here back about this situation or hope something be done about it. Only trying to better the store..

  4. Attention: Mr. Vasos. I am located in Burnside, Ky. 42519
    I love your DG stores. We have 2 close by me.
    However we don’t have a Super Dollar Store Market close by.
    Our largemarkets ate two far away.
    Please consider turning one of our DG into one of your Super DG Markets.
    We have Lake Cumberland and Cumberland river all around us which would bring in lots of revenue.
    Not to mention retired people and young all over Burnside.
    It would help us and you so much.
    Thank you

  5. M. Christine Hiatt

    Please consider making thecdollarcstore in Logansport Indiana better. We have no craft stores in town and haven’t for a really long time. I think more people would shop local and buy all of their craft stuff from your store if it stocked it. I know several people that go in on a weekly bases looking to see if any craft things are going to be brought in. PLEASE…

  6. To whom it concerns ,
    I live around two of ur Dollar General Oxford, NC 27565. I have always enjoyed going to all of the Dollar generals not just in our location but others. As of the first of the year one of the managers have took over it is different from previous times, but she has an attitude with the customers. I have entered into the store and have heard her have several conflicts with the customers feeling sorry for some of them, Especially when they ask a question and she gives them a smart remark back. I have also been in there and heard one of the district managers explain to her how this works. I have seen a little change but still more needs to be done. I have talked with a few of our locals and they feel the same. I had a conflict with her as of 4/23/21 . Not the first time but this is the second time and now I cannot enter into that Dollar general she had replied to me that she does not need to sell me anyting.I also work with the public so I know how difficult it is, I do apologize that I do have to make a complaint but something needs to be done. I look forward to hearing of what can be done. I greatly appreciate it.
    Thank you,

  7. I was shopping at your store located in Strawberry Arkansas. A storm blew a shopping cart that hit my car causing damage. Your claims representative Donna Raley said the store was not responsible.The cart rolled from the front of the store. It’s certainly not my fault. I’m asking for you to review the tape. Thank you
    Homer Craig

  8. To whom it may concern, I’m contacting you regarding one of your district managers! I have never in my life saw a company that lets one of their team leaders to treat her employees the way this lady does! She is in charge of several stores in my area! These stores have no support, no wonder half of them don’t open when they should or close when they should! I live in Hayesville North Carolina! This lady tells her employees that she’s is not responsible for helping staff their stores, I get it that that falls on the manager of the stores, but isn’t it also her responsibility to help that store! This employees are working 12 to 15 hour days and it’s never good enough for the DM! The DM also always tells them what a shit show their store looks like and it better get fixed! These people have families too, everyone needs to work, but to break your back for a job that don’t care about you!!! No wonder why dollar general cannot keep help at these stores! I’m gonna keep trying to get to someone higher up to help these employees! It’s not fair to the employees or their families to see their loved ones come home feeling so defeated and feeling like their are nit good enough! Someone please get this district manager out of their before solar general loses all their employees and businesses! Thank you

  9. Hi : My complaint is with dollar general being built behind my house that me and my wife had planned on retireing in for many years .We just had are house remodeled so we would not have to mess with it as we got older in which is a year away. Apparently are town ship knew about this and did not tell us .We would like to sell are house to dollar general and find a nice peaceful place to live. They are annexing the property that is connected to are land so the town ship can make there money by doing this . That being said I hope your corporation would find it profitable to buy are house.Thanks Dan Smothers

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