Herc Holdings Headquarters Address, Media Relations, Investor Relations, and Corporate Office Info

Headquartered in Florida, Herd Holdings Inc. is a well established equipment rentals public company.  Herd Holdings Inc. was founded in the year 1965 and is registered with NYSE with stock symbol HRI. Looking for Herd Holdings contact information? In this article, we have compiled all the important contact information about Herd Holdings.

You can find here info about Herd Holdings Corporate Headquarters, customer support contacts, media contacts, shareholder services contacts and more. The company operates through its subsidiary groups and renders equipment rental services to industries. The key industry clients of Herd Holdings include clients from government, refineries, petrochemicals, remediation, municipalities, civil infrastructure, automotive, energy, construction and more.

Herc Holdings
Herc Holdings, Photo Credit: thestreet .com

Corporate Headquarters Address

Herd Holdings is one of the largest equipment rental companies in US, it has operations in approximately 270 locations, majority of it are located in North America. To connect with Herd Holdings, please share your official letters, proposals or requests with the top management people at Corporate Headquarters Address.

Please take a note of the Herd Holding Corporate Headquarters Address: 27500 Riverview Center Blvd., Bonita Springs, FL 34134, US. The given address info can be used for all kinds of important official communication.

Customer Support Email and Phone

Do you have a query or concern regarding Herd Holdings products, services or require any kind of related assistance? If yes, here we have furbished information about Herd Holdings Customer Support team. You may call the Customer Support team on phone: 800-654-6659 or share your message by email. Please note down the email address: customercare@hercrentals.com.

Media Relations Contacts

For Media inquiries, updates or requests, please get in touch with Herd Holdings Media Relations team through email or phone, details are provided here. To send an email to Media Relations, please use this address: paul.dickard@hercrentals.com.

To call on phone, please call at this number: 239-301-1214. Please note that the info given here is only for use of Media Professionals only. Please do not send or call for non media inquiries in these contact modes.

Investor Relations Contacts

Need assistance regarding company’s investments? You may connect with Herd Holdings Investor Relations team through email. Please use this email address: elizabeth.higashi@hercrentals.com. To get assistance regarding your investments, you may also call the related team on phone: 239-301-1024.

Transfer Agent Contacts

Do you need help regarding your Herd shareholdings? If yes, please connect with Herd Holdings Transfer Agent by mail. Please use this address: Computershare Trust Company, N.A., P.O. Box 505000, Louisville, KY 40233. To call Transfer Agent, dial on the Toll Free Number: 1-877-373-6374. If you are calling from Outside the U.S., please dial: 1-781-575-4238.

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