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Nike Headquarters Address, Corporate Office Phone Number, CEO Email, and More

Nike, Inc. is world’s most famous and trusted sport brand. The company is engaged in manufacturing of Sports Apparel, Footwear, Accessories, Recreational products and Sports equipment. You can buy its sportswear and other products easily from Nike Retail Stores or even online from e-shopping portals like Amazon and more. The company has its headquarters base established at Oregon, USA.

If you are looking for Nike Stocks, the company is listed at NYSE with stock name NKE. Looking for Nike Headquarters Contacts? In this section we have provided information about Nike Corporate Headquarters Address, Investor Relations and media Relations Contact Information, CEO Email Address and more related important numbers. Let’s have look at the details!

Nike Headquarters
Nike Headquarters, Photo Credit: Nike Inc.

Nike Headquarters Address and Phone Number

To contact Nike Headquarters, you can send your mails at the given Nike Headquarters Address. Please take a note of the address: One Bowerman Drive, Beaverton, OR 97005-6453, USA. Feel free to share your queries, feedback or concerns at the above mentioned headquarters address. You may also contact headquarters officers or staff with a prior appointment at this address.

To get quick respond to your queries or urgent concerns, you can also call at Nike Headquarters Phone Number: (503) 671-6453.

Nike Inc. CEO Email Address

If you have question or concern for Nike CEO, you can write him an email. Mr. Mark Parker is the current CEO of the company. Please note down the Nike Inc. CEO Mark Parker Email Address:

Nike Inc. Investor Relations Contact Info

Investors may get in touch with Nike Inc. Investor Relations at the given address details. Please note down the complete address if you are planning to send your investment related correspondence to Nike Inc. Investor Relations Team: One Bowerman Drive – SC5, Beaverton, OR 97005-6453.

You can also contact Nike Inc. Investor Relations Team at their official Phone Number: 1-800-640-8007. If you are planning to share your concern by email, here is the Email Address for Nike Inc. Investor Relations:

You can also take a note of Nike Inc. Transfer Agent Address: Computershare Trust Company, N.A., P. O. Box 505000, Louisville, KY 40233. To speak to Transfer Agent, please note down the Phone Number: 1-800-756-8200 and 1-781-575-2726. Also note down the contact number for Hearing Impaired # TDD: 1-800-952-9245.

Nike Inc. Media Relations Contact Info

Do you belong to any Press or work for some other Media Editorial? You may contact Nike Inc. Media Relations at the given contact details, please note down:

  • For Media Inquiries for U.S. and global, please call: 1-212-367-4447 or Email:
  • For Media Inquiries for UK and Europe, please call: +44 (0)207 578 0560 or Email at:

Products & Orders, NRC & NTC, and Company Info & Inquiries

Here we have provided contact numbers for Products & Orders, NRC & NTC, and Company Info & Inquiries. Please note down the details:

  • For Products & Orders, please dial: 1-800-806-6453 between 4 am to 11 pm (PT) on all days of week.
  • For NRC & NTC, please dial: 1-800-379-6453 between 8 am to 5 pm PT from Monday to Friday
  • For Company Info & Inquiries, please dial: 1-800-344-6453 between 7 am to 4 pm from Monday to Friday.

Article first published on December 12, 2020.

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  1. Attention to Phil Knight , and John Donahao CEO even Travis Knight to know this concerns even the way me, and my disability Special Olympic friends from Eugene Oregon were treated unfairly bad by your employees even I was treated unfairly by 2016, 2017, 2018 , and 2019, My two medical behavior councilors one of them from Eugene Oregon back in 2017 Doctor Steven Rolnick , called your guy’s people or emailed your security team . And Tom the investigator security officer from Nike world headquarters was extremely insane rude even cruel to my medical councilor from Eugene Oregon whom put in a good word out to you all of your security team from the past plus when after he was told not to be reaching out to you all on my behave he was treated wrong even unfairly bad by all of your employees even of your even by your HR team so when one of your former store manager name Micah Hudson, and his district manager was working for the company of the location at Eugene Oregon at Oak way center from the past of 2007 all the way to whatever reasons of the case of former store manager name Micah Hudson was a bit somewhat nice to me so when I needed help with filling out a job on your guy’s biz/jobs of your guy’s website well it says on your website tells us the nature or location you are needing reasonable accommodations and we will provide you or anyone reasonable accommodations . Well then when it says to call your guy’s number on your guy’s bottom page of when you look all the way to the bottom page on website it says of what the ADA accommodations are provided for people like me or anyone with themselves being provided reasonable accommodations. So the current store manager and his district manager from Eugene Oregon not sure of what’s going on but I feel like Danny the store manager at Eugene Oregon of Pearl street of your guy’s locations shouldn’t be allowed to be working for you all period of my suggestion even of my recommendation I don’t like whomever from 2007 telling me from the Nike head quarters Human resource to a disability person of me of my bad experience would like myself to only apply on my own or they would say we don’t provide reasonable accommodations excuse me you don’t have the right to say that to me or anyone that has disabilities to apply on their own for your jobs so that had happened to me from the past of 2007 even other times . So even why is your products of your clothing even of shoes super expansive to buy on or even at all of your worldwide locations ? Like my Nike fly knit 2 of the red and black shoes are $140.000 . Plus I was told that the police in 50 USA states would like you all to not to be bothering them no more as using it as excuses please prevent yourselves from not doing that no more to offend me or my friends or other tax payers in all nations ? I would like to say to you Phil Knight Nike co-founder even as you being the business owner I would like a true honest mistake apology from you all even of Danny the store manager not be rude or not being cruel or not being firm with whomever of my friends or even of myself even to allow me to apply for jobs even of your people laying off on whomever on the police officer’s even all thee above even would like a turn over resolution settlement so no one isn’t meaning to contact you all on pursue over and over or even by writing or chatting with you all on I think you all ought to get rid of the chat line on maybe instead if whomever needs help with whatever over the phone is you all ought to be reaching out to whomever of all tax payers so then you all don’t feel harassed or whatever it maybe you all get what I am saying because for you all to make excesses to say to a person hey you called us to many times then suddenly call the police on them excuse me plus you all only standing up for George Flord of black lives excuse me I am a team USA fan council for the Olympic and Paralympic pro athletes of 50 USA states . I am very ashamed of you all disrespecting whomever of my Disability friends even of myself I feel like cry heavily even a lot I didn’t deserve to be treated badly by you all Phil Knight from the past or other times . How about please just say we all from the bottom of our hearts will do a better job of not offending you or anyone even of your friends from all over the world even from Eugene Oregon . I love you all but you all as employees need to show love and forgiveness even kindness. Even agreeing to choosing kindness at all times to whomever in all nations even agreeing to lowering your prices of your products please? I urge you all to contact me from only your people higher up to doing a turn over resolution settlement of my dispute from whatever it was not meaning to happen from the past looking for forgiveness for you all to except from me even making a friendly peace with me or whomever else ? Please leave the police officer’s a lone they even don’t like you all because you all show off of being greedy with your money to the world we all live in of all nations ? Please agree to focus on helping the poor even supporting people with or without disabilities ? Whom would like to pay for their Nike products of $140.00 ? Please except to whomever and myself of our apologies all thee above at all times we all love you all Nike employees worldwide of all nations . Please show respect and love and kindness to whomever in all nations . I would love to work for you all even being a model please ? Please watch my Why we plunge expressing love even staying focus or not to being nasty to anyone in all nations . I have stepped down from Special Olympics back in 2018 . I am in the process of being possibility be excepted for USA basketball for 2021 even being sponsored . Please sponsor me of being a model for you all even doing the Nike hoop submit with reasonable accommodations I can shoot 3 pointers in basketball I am 5’6 feet tall very athletic even very fast runner . I would love to wrap my arms on you all Phil Knight Nike co-founder business owner congratulations of you turning soon of February 24th 2021 83 years old . Phil Knight remember I met you in person for the Olympic trials 2012 ? I love my Oregon Ducks for a lifetime to present . Please except me of being part of you all even being put on the leadership team with you all Phil Knight Nike co-founder business owner even you CEO John Donahao even you yourself Travis Knight . Hey Travis Knight I like the movie you did called Transformers awesome movie ever . I am a lifetime to present Team USA fan council to all pro athletes even all NFL pro athletes even of college athletes even of the Oregon Duck athletes even of the Bush Nell University Beacon athletes . Your Nike world head quarters recipections person whom is African America was a bit rude to my medical councilor at Florida back in 2020 my medical councilor her name is Esther. All of your people at Florida need to be nice at all times even around the world wide nations .

  2. margarette shealey

    Hi my name is margarette Shealey and I have two special need adults who are on the Spectrum of autism and this Include me I have severe psoriatic arthritis. ( My arthritis is so bad that I have trouble walking and putting on my shoes) However, I had seen advertisement of your brand of sneakers called “Nike Go FlyEase” whereas it’s hands off and you just kick off your sneakers. I like the concept but I’m concerned about the price of 120$ and how it’s brand and I do know that Nike is a high end sneaker. My problem is the way it was advertising on FB that it was made in mind for people with special needs and it rare and difficult to find Products that is made for people with special needs. Now for the price I feel it’s too much and if you have more then one family remember with these Need, I have two. We also have many facilities that have group homes that have young and old with special needs on the autism spectrum who can not tie their shoes. Both of my adult children are still struggling with that. If you are going to advertise this to help the special needs community please do so but do it respectfully and include them in your advertisement and please bring the price down so it can be affordable. We have all shapes, colors, sizes of people in this world and we all matter. Please give this more thought As a mother and the people in the Community. Thank you 🙏 margarett shealey

  3. PEOPLE WITHIN THE NIKE WAREHOUSE WHERE RETURNS ARE MADE ARE THIEVES. A parcel was sent by mistake to the returns ware house of two custom made LV cups nike are claiming to have received the box but ‘NO CONTENT INSIDE’ but my receipt proves it had weight in it and tracking proves they received.

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