Berkshire Hathaway Headquarters Address, CEO Email, Corporate Office Phone Number and More

Berkshire Hathaway is a large American holding company, headquartered in Omaha, NH, United States of America. It is one of the largest financial services companies in the US. The company is located in rented / leased building in the city of Omaha, Nebraska. The chairman of Berkshire Hathaway Mr. Warren Buffett is a well-respected man. People buy stocks on this advice and ideas. The company has interest in various companies and sectors.

The Berkshire Hathaway is listed on the New York Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. The company’s stock is one of the most expensive stocks in the US. So, let’s see headquarters contact details of Berkshire Hathaway.

Berkshire Hathaway Headquarters
Berkshire Hathaway Headquarters

Berkshire Hathaway Corporate Headquarters Information

Are you looking for corporate headquarters information? If yes, then you are arrived at the right place. You can send your suggestion and other opinions on this headquarters address: Berkshire Hathaway, Kiewit Plaza, 3555 Farnam Street, Omaha NE 68131, Nebraska, United States. Please do not visit corporate headquarters without prior permission or approval.

You can also get in touch with corporate headquarters of Berkshire Hathaway on this email address:

Do you want to talk with head office staff of the company? If yes, then please note down corporate office phone number: (402)-346-1400.

Social Media Accounts and Pages

As of now, they are not available on social media platforms / websites. We will update this section as and when we get the official information about their verified accounts, pages, and handles.

About Berkshire Hathaway

It is one of the companies included in Fortune 500. It is the 8th largest public company in the world. The Berkshire Hathaway was founded in 1839 in Cumberland, Rhode Island, United States of America. The company was founded by Oliver Chace. As of now, the company is headquartered in Kiewit Plaza, Omaha, Nebraska, United States of America.

The Berkshire Hathaway is engaged in various sectors such as real estate, diversified investments, Internet, food processing, consumer products, aerospace, media, goods, automative, and more.

In 2018, they earned US$4.02 billion as net income. Regarding total assets, they have US$707.8 billion based on 2018 report. They have US$247.5 billion revenue in according to 2018 figure.

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